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CFEQ Decision Media Release


April 9th, 2013

Winnipeg, MB: Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. is pleased to announce the CRTC has approved our application to change the format of CFEQ-­‐FM to a Classical music station.

The new music format will encompass traditional classical music, opera, operetta, choral, popular music theatre and classic Jazz and Pops with a launch anticipated later this year.

“Golden West has a 56-­‐year history with Classical music from stations in Altona and Steinbach. This will enable us to provide Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba with a crystal-­‐clear FM Signal. Our involvement with the music, culture and arts community will be significant. We really look forward to being a service to this part of the community in Winnipeg and Manitoba,” said Elmer Hildebrand, CEO of Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.

Interactive with the local cultural community, this new Classical radio station will be the daily go-­‐to place for information on what’s happening in the sizzling arts and culture scene in Winnipeg and will be the place for local emerging musicians to gain visibility and experience.

Winnipeg’s reputation for being a Canadian cultural centre goes well beyond classical and jazz music. Winnipeg is an astonishing cultural mecca, given its size and our amendment to change the specialty format of CFEQ-­‐FM to Classical music provides a high level of diverse, local programming along with a wealth of local and cultural information.


For more information please contact:

Lyndon Friesen
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.

Richard Kroeker
Vice President
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.


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