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Thanks to the generous support of the community, the Bethesda Foundation in Steinbach, MB managed to more than double their last fundraising record with this years total of $119,039. Executive Director John Peters says “we just are very grateful. We are able to use that money and use it at the hospital.¬†We have bought a couple pieces of equipment for the hospital with this money so it’s just good news for the entire community”.

He adds “Last year was our best year and that was around $58,000. We were hoping that we would hit $100,000 dollars this year and thanks to the great cooperation of everyone we managed to beat that number”.

The Bethesda Foundation celebrated Sunday night at the hospital grounds with sleigh rides, refreshments and fireworks. Peters says the entire campaign was a huge success and he still enjoys seeing the grounds light up every year.

“I really like the lights being turned on. And the music tonight was wonderful too. I have to thank McKenzie Road and family for singing some wonderful Christmas Carols that was a beautiful thing. Just the atmosphere, you know, the fires going, the people smiling and enjoying themselves. It’s just a nice evening”.



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