Our Leadership Team

Elmer Hildebrand, Chief Executive Officer

Elmer Hildebrand is the Chief Executive Officer of Golden West Broadcasting, Ltd. Under his leadership, Golden West has grown from two AM stations in Altona and Steinbach, Manitoba to 40 AM and FM radio stations and 16 community portals across the prairies. Read More…


Lyndon Friesen, President

Lyndon Friesen is the President of Golden West Broadcasting, Ltd. He has over 38 years of experience with Golden West in the broadcasting industry, and held many positions including Station Manager, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer. Read More…

WAB June 6 2009

Richard Kroeker, Vice-President

Richard Kroeker is Vice President of Golden West Broadcasting, Ltd, and oversees day-to-day operations in all our markets. He joined Golden West in 1995 and has held positions including Station Manager for Golden West, and Manitoba Operations Manager. Read More…


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