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CRTC Approval for New Radio Station in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Fort Saskatchewan Approved for New Radio Station

January 11, 2012

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, AB: Yesterday the CRTC granted approval to Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. to establish a new FM radio station, 107.9 FM, in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Golden West is excited for the opportunity to serve this dynamic and growing community.

“Fort Saskatchewan is a perfect fit for Golden West’s unique brand of local community service radio,” says Lyndon Friesen, President of Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. “We are delighted to bring Fort Saskatchewan its very own local radio station.”

The community of Fort Saskatchewan has been extremely supportive throughout the application process and Golden West looks forward to providing the community with an incredible level of local radio service.

Along with their very own radio station, Fort Saskatchewan will also receive a community website which will offer local, timely and relevant content for people to communicate, interact, and have access to local information.

About Golden West Broadcasting: With the approval of 107.9 FM in Fort Saskatchewan, Golden West will operate 40 radio stations and 17 online community portals in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta and has a strong reputation for supporting the communities they serve both on and off the air.


For more information please contact:

Lyndon Friesen
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
(204) 326-3737

Richard Kroeker
Vice President
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
(204) 326-3737


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