SteinbachLive App Launch

With the launch of a new app — SteinbachLive — a new chapter has begun at Golden West, and a new opportunity to connect with and impact our communities.

The SteinbachLive app provides a push notification platform, creating a brand new way for organizations to instantly connect with people in the community, while allowing each person to customize the app for the information important to them. Garbage day notices, school closures, severe weather warnings, and Amber alerts are just the beginning of the how the app can inform our communities, and keep them safe.

The app also includes the latest news and weather from, streaming of our radio stations, and a custom business directory. In the future, the app will also provide a new revenue stream, and new opportunity for our clients to connect and interact with our audience.

The iOS and Android versions of the app are now live on the App Stores. For more information, go to:


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